Alex Cameron Hi, I’m Alex Cameron.

I live in the south with my wife, along with our two dogs. I also have a wonderful daughter from a previous marriage who is amazing in every way. By day I’m an executive for a cellular corporation, by night I’m a armchair photographer, artist, musician, and web designer. I was born and raised in TN to a single mother who is my inspiration and greatest fan to this day.

I always enjoyed mother nature and would often spend my summer days outdoors while on my grandparents farm. Those early life experiences surely led me to develop my passion for photography, art, and the thrill of capturing once in a life time moments on film and canvas. More recently, the wife and I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean and Mexico in search of new adventures and places to take a few photos along the way.

I also found that I enjoyed drawing at a very young age and have continued to draw, and paint using oil, acrylic and even spray paint on occasion. No doubt I will be posting some of my artwork soon enough to share with anyone who is interested.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me. If you have any questions or just wanna drop me a line, you may do so below. Thank you.